About Us

We’re working towards…

A world where bees and other pollinators have a safe, healthy environment and we have food security.


We’re gonna get there by…

Promoting the health of bees and all pollinators, critical to our food and natural environment, through education, research and conservation.

What we do…

1 - Backyard Beekeepers - We will train and support part-time backyard beekeepers.

2 - Education - We will provide formal and informal bee and pollinator education for kids and adults.

3 - Bee friendly gardens - We’ll help you grow bee friendly gardens and we’ll work hard to reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicides in the environment.

4 - Beekeeping resources - Pollinator Alliance will build up and provide access to beekeeping and pollinator education resources.

5 - Research and Advocacy - Our team will provide research and advice to local, state and federal government so that lasting positive change can be made.